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Mahindra marazzo 2018 | Road test | review

Mahindra marazzo 2018

The sub-twenty lakh rupee car market in India is now witnessing SUV dominates every  form of the automobile. Buyers are driving that trend, but the very trend also leaves buyers looking for a good , spacious and comfortable seven seater car with limited options.  Mahindra Marazzo is a MPV that assures to meet the demands and needs of these very buyers. The Mahindra Marazzo comes itself right in between two important best sellers now, Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota innova crysta. Mahindra feels there exists a reasonably large hollow between the two and also that the Marazzo is the perfect fit for it. We got to drive  the new MPV at Bangalore to find out how good is marazzo.

mahindra marazzo 2018 side view


sharks are the inspiration for the Mahindra Marazzo’s styling. The Marazzo isn’t just about razor sharp edges or an intimidating appearance, It is also about the roundness one associates with people movers. That said,The shark fin shaped spokes on alloy wheels and fangs on its grille make it look more aggressive. The shape of the grill like shark is smile of shark, and the front area design is balanced well by the rounded edges of the projector beam equipped headlights, while LED DRL are positioned into the fog lamps.mahindra marazzo 2018 front view , bumber , projector headlamps , DRL

There’s a sharp lines on the doors that adds character to the sides and looks pretty good. The Marazzo is well-proportioned from end to end  Car isn’t overly large, despite being reasonably sized, particularly when viewed from the sides. Some portions like rooflines and area between shoulder lines reminded me about the previous generation innova. The chrome slat at the rear joining the tail lamp units is a bit thick butthe tail lamp units look good. Tail lamp design is inspired by shark tails. Mahindra has gone in for a vertically lifting tail gate as is the typical design with the segment, which also adds to convenience.mahindra marazzo 2018 rear view , tail section. tail lamp


The Mahindra Marazzo’s interiors offer an upmarket feel right from the moment we enter into the cabin .  Thanks to the variety of surface finishes used. – On the top of the dashboard gets a matte grey finish, the patterns on which look different when viewed from different angles. The mid section of the dashboard get a glossy black  finish with some appealing textures on the left side. The upmarket feel is highlighted further by the beige leather seat. Overall effect is very pleasing. Also, the beige seats and beige coloured roof together help in offering a very roomy and spacious feel.

The steering wheel and centre console looks good, especially the glossy, 7.25 inch infotainment screen on top of the centre console. The infotainment system features navigation, Android Auto , an eco-driving guide and important information including tank range and the like as well. Right now Apple car play is not offered but can expect it later. There are 2 USB ports and a 12V socket for the driver and front passenger. Rear seat occupants get a common USB port. There are huge cubby holes, including a deep cavity right at the top of the dashboard and these storage places are placed  little too high. There are storage places near to gear lever alsomahindra marazzo 2018 interior , space , dashboard , touch screen infortainment , steering

Both driver and passengers get arm rest. The hand brake is bigger in size and designed like an aircraft unit. Door locks and handles looks good and that elects are also inspired from shark.  The instrument cluster gets combination of a black-purple colour. Instrument cluster has a 4.2 inch multi-information display positioned between the tachometer and speedometer.

The driving position is comfortable which is easy for cruising. While driving , car offers better view on road , thanks for the large windshield area and taller seats.Even if you are sitting in lowest height in the car, you still sit in a higher position.There is a refracting reflector near to sunglass holder which will allow the driver to see the whole occupants while driving without looking backwards.  The gear lever is easy to reach. The second row offers  good  amount of legroom and kneeroom, Thanks to the Marazzo’s 2,760mm wheelbase. We can slide the second row seats forward and backward ignorer to adjust the knee room and legroom. The captain seat version or the 7 seven seat versions has handsets in the second rows and provides good travelling comfort.

mahindra marazzo 2018 second row legroom , interior space

The third row seats are not comfortable much for long travel but good for a shorter travelling period. One major highlight in the Marazzo’s cabin has to be the air-conditioning system for the second and third rows. The marazzo get air conditioning at the rear seats also. The roof-mounted vents and air-conditioning controls are designed to look good but it doesn’t take any kind of headroom. IThe boot space is huge and if the last seats are folded back , we can achieveThird row seats can be flipped down easily, which liberates a lot of space. Third row occupants get individual bottle holders as well, which is a nice touch, though I would have liked an additional USB port as well, considering millennials are most likely to occupy the row.

mahindra marazzo 2018 third row , split seat mahindra marazzo 2018 third row seat space

Engine and performance

The Mahindra Marazzo gets an all-new, 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine producing 122hp and 300Nm of torque and is mated to a brand-new six-speed manual gearbox. The engine was developed specifically for the Marazzo, though goes without saying it will be offered in future Mahindra models as well. I felt that this  doesn’t have the typical diesel clatter even at idle ,neither does it sound clattery on the go. The clutch pedal is comparatively  light and  responsive. The gear shift is very smooth and rubbery which gives good feedback.

Mahindra claims that engine produces its peak power at 1750 rpm but offers upwards of 170Nm from just 1,000rpm onwards which ensures acceleration from slow speeds is smooth and easy. Marazzo is good for city rides. Bumber to bumber traffic will not be a problem with lighter clutch and good amount of torque. I felt it while driving. Car moves with a some amount of speed while clutch is released  without any resisitance. Acceleration is quick and the Marazzo is energetic to build speeds and the engine also feels smooth and calm throughout its rev band.Engine is relatively vibration free. Marazzo is smoothest among Mahindra lineup. Right now there are no petrol and automatic gear option but Mahindra is planning to release it in future

Ride and handling

The Marazzo uses a body on frame chassis with a front wheel drive  and a crosswise mounted engine. Mahindra tells us that they are the first one to implement this combination for the first time in the world. Mahindra also says the setup has its own advantages which helps to offer comfort and handling close to a monocoque chassis. The front and rear wheels have been spaced apart as much as possible to increase  interior space to maximum, which has also resulted in better weight distribution, resulted in benefitting vehicle dynamics. The Marazzo have  double wishbone suspension at the front and a twist beam setup at the rear which enables a good ride and comfort, than the ladder frame. Mahindra uses isolators between wheels and suspension also between  frame and suspension in marazzo which absorbs shocks better and improve ride quality. The suspension arms are also light which made to improve the dynamics of vehicle.

All this engineering techniques made car to give a stable feel on the road, also ensconcing occupants in good comfort. The suspension setup ensures occupants are well-insulated from shocks and judders, while the ladder frame ensures the vehicle stays stable and taking a power nap in the second row while being driven at 100kmph is certainly doable in the Marazzo. There’s only a little  lateral movement as well, which is certainly likeable, but come around a corner and expectedly, there is a fair amount of body roll thanks to the soft suspension. The roll is more pronounced when seated at the rear, though things never go out of control and the Marazzo felt perfectly stable even when chucked hard into the fast bend at Bangalore roads.

The Marazzo also feels stable making quick directional changes or switching lanes at speeds. I liked the Marazzo’s steering as it feels light, be it at standstill or when making directional changes. It also offers a rather precise feel along with good feedback, despite the Marazzo’s size and weight. Braking performance is impressive as well – I slammed the brakes from 100kmph and the Marazzo was well-behaved, staying stable and without pitching forward too much. Bite from the disc brakes all round (offered as standard across variants) is good, though brake pedal travel could have been lesser.

mahindra marazzo 2018 tyre size side view alloy wheel

Thanks to sireesh auto for providing vehicle and allowing us to do the review. Thanks for the service.


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